The Galactic Feminine Cycles of Bolon Ik, Venus and the Maya Queen Tz’akbu

The Divine Patterns of the Galactic Feminine Transmission!
A beautiful chapter of the Ancient-Future Mysteries of the Dimensional Shift.
Fully “inscribed” by the Divine Codes of Lloydine Bolon Ik within the hyper dimensional matrix systems.
See you this Summer at the New Earth Wizards 33:33 in Avebury Stone Circle UK (20-26 July 2019).
Anam Cara ❤ In Lak’ech ❤ Namaste

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Tortuga 13:20

“Usually we don’t know the whole story until quite a bit of time later, and in this way, we are always shown that the divine pattern is working us.’

“If you’re not living your own truth, it’s going to catch up with you. There is a Universal Truth that is pulling us all forward.”

–Lloydine Bolon Ik 

May marks every year the 5th month of the 12-month Gregorian year. It is during this time that Mother’s Day is celebrated in many places around the world. This is without a doubt one of the most important occasions for people from all generations and different backgrounds to come together around the family’s central figure, to celebrate Womanhood and the Creative/Re-generative principle as inseparable companions of our everyday experience of life as human beings on Earth.

Within the Galactic Maya Cosmology, the 2-day window at the heart of this 5th…

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