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The Galactic Feminine Cycles of Bolon Ik, Venus and the Maya Queen Tz’akbu

The Divine Patterns of the Galactic Feminine Transmission!
A beautiful chapter of the Ancient-Future Mysteries of the Dimensional Shift.
Fully “inscribed” by the Divine Codes of Lloydine Bolon Ik within the hyper dimensional matrix systems.
See you this Summer at the New Earth Wizards 33:33 in Avebury Stone Circle UK (20-26 July 2019).
Anam Cara ❤ In Lak’ech ❤ Namaste

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Tortuga 13:20

“Usually we don’t know the whole story until quite a bit of time later, and in this way, we are always shown that the divine pattern is working us.’

“If you’re not living your own truth, it’s going to catch up with you. There is a Universal Truth that is pulling us all forward.”

–Lloydine Bolon Ik 

May marks every year the 5th month of the 12-month Gregorian year. It is during this time that Mother’s Day is celebrated in many places around the world. This is without a doubt one of the most important occasions for people from all generations and different backgrounds to come together around the family’s central figure, to celebrate Womanhood and the Creative/Re-generative principle as inseparable companions of our everyday experience of life as human beings on Earth.

Within the Galactic Maya Cosmology, the 2-day window at the heart of this 5th…

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La Resurrección de Tz’kabu Ajaw. La Reina Maya Ancestral de Palenque.

(Español) El Orden Sincrónico Divino indica que las fechas y números asociados a este evento son de relevante significado profético.

Tortuga 13:20



Yo confiero poder con el fin de Catalizar
Comandando la Energía
Sello la Matriz de la Auto-generación
con el tono entonado de la Radiancia
Me guía el poder de la Realización
Soy un Portal de Activación Galáctica
Entra en mí


Noticia fresca Maya Galáctica!

17 Enero 2018, Encantamiento del Sueño Kin 239 (Tormenta 5). El INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia de México) anunció que el ajuar funerario completo de la reina Tz’akbu Ajaw (Templo XIII, Lakamhá, Palenque) está siendo exhibido públicamente por vez primera. (leer noticia aquí).

El arte funerario completo de la sepultura real fue reconstruido cuidadosamente por un equipo multidisciplinario. De momento, se encuentra en el Museo J Paul Getty de Los Angeles, EE. UU., como parte de la exhibición “Reinos Dorados” (Golden Kingdoms). En fecha 28 de Febrero 2018, la misma…

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Galactic Feminine: Universal Wisdom from the Tz’akbu Ajaw Archetype, formerly “Red Queen”

It has been 23 years today since the opening of the tomb of the mysterious Maya Queen of Palenque. Without a doubt, this finding constitutes one of the most relevant events for gender studies and the change of Maya Era in 2012. From a multidimensional archetypal perspective, it also initiated a portal of Universal Ancient Wisdom towards a New Humanity. This is because the Feminine Balance (not supremacy) allows us to transcend the old patriarchal paradigms. Here, some insights about our upcoming publication, Galactic Feminine, to be presented through Magikana Publishing UK in 2019.
Translated into English from this article originally written in Spanish.

Between the months of May and June 2017, it has been 23 years since the process of discovering and the opening of the royal feminine tomb of Lakamha’ (“Great Waters”, Palenque). The uncovering, which happened in the year 1994, unveiled the first tomb of a female ruler who was found within a pyramid in the Americas; as well as the second tomb of its type after the one of King Pakal the Great, which finding happened in 1952 at the called by then “Temple of Inscriptions”.

So far, the queen had rested for over 1300 years in the Temple XIII, alongside the funerary temple of her husband, the same King Pakal. Their temples of honour were located at the main square of the Ancient Maya City of Lakamha’. Both, the proximity and similarity between the two tombs, reflect an equal recognition and tribute for them who were Maya rulers during the Classic period. Thus, the outstanding discovery of the queen consort widely contributes to the Universal Myth of the Goddess and the gender equality which humanity likely experienced during the period of transition from the matriarchal societies towards the patriarchal societies.

Within the context of the New Age, there have been interpretations of all kinds, as well as speculations and fantasy stories around this finding. Some of them even show personal appropriations of the queen archetype in order to sustain old paradigms, such as narcissism, machiavellianism and personality cult. There is also ignorance regarding the dates around the discovery, failing to provide feasible interpretations regarding the Tzolkin days and numerology associated to the discovery. And probably, as it is shown in this essay, one of the most common mistakes has been to consider the temporary nickname of “Red Queen” as a real Maya archetype of Palenque.

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Feminidad Galáctica: Sabiduría Universal del Arquetipo de Tz’akbu Ajaw, antes “Reina Roja”

A la fecha, se cumplen 23 años desde la apertura de la tumba de la misteriosa soberana Maya. Sin dudas, este descubrimiento constituye uno de los acontecimientos más relevantes para los estudios de género y del cambio de Era Maya del 2012. Desde una perspectiva arquetipal multidimensional, el hallazgo abrió un portal de Sabiduría Ancestral Universal hacia una Nueva Humanidad. Esto porque el Balance Femenino (no supremacía) permite trascender los viejos paradigmas patriarcales. Aquí, un breve adelanto del próximo libro, Feminidad Galáctica, el cuál será presentado a través de Magikana Publishing UK en el 2019.

Entre los meses de mayo y junio del 2017, se cumplen 23 años desde el proceso de descubrimiento y apertura de la tumba femenina real de Lahamhá (“Grandes Aguas”, Palenque). El hallazgo, ocurrido en el año 1994, develó la primera tumba femenina encontrada en el seno de una pirámide en las Américas y la segunda tumba en su tipo después de la del Rey Pakal “El Grande”, cuyo descubrimiento ocurrió en 1952 en el entonces llamado Templo de las Inscripciones.

Hasta ese momento, la reina había descansado por más de 1,300 años en el Templo XIII conjunto a la pirámide funeraria de su esposo, el mismo Rey Pakal. Ambos templos de honor fueron ubicados en la plaza principal de la antigua ciudad Maya de Lakamhá. Tanto la cercanía como la similitud entre los detalles de ambas tumbas, reflejan un reconocimiento y honor igualitario para quienes fueran gobernantes Maya en la cúspide del Período Clásico. Así, el notable descubrimiento contribuye con creces al Mito Universal de la Diosa y a la igualdad de género que la humanidad posiblemente experimentó durante el período de transición desde las sociedades matriarcales hacia las sociedades patriarcales.

Dentro del contexto de la Nueva Era, el hallazgo ha ocasionado interpretaciones de todo tipo, incluyendo especulaciones e historias fantasiosas. Algunas de ellas incluso exhiben apropiaciones personales del arquetipo de la reina con el fin de sustentar viejos paradigmas, tales como el narcisismo, el maquiavelismo y el culto a personalidad. Se observa que la mayoría de dichas especulaciones exhibe completa ignorancia respecto a las fechas básicas relacionadas con el hallazgo, por lo tanto, sus interpretaciones fallan respecto a la verdad de los días Tzolkin y la numerología asociada. Y, probablemente, como también se muestra en este ensayo, uno de los errores más comunes ha sido el haber considerado el apodo temporal de “Reina Roja” como un verdadero arquetipo Maya de Palenque.

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Lloydine Bolon Ik – Dreamspell Mother – Galactic Feminine Visionary of the Second Creation

(English) In Lak’ech Bolon Ik ❤ The Galactic Feminine Visionary!
Our planet needs more wise women like you!


Tortuga 13:20

No matter where you are in your life, you always have the opportunity to wake up in the next moment and this is the meaning of the Second Creation. – Lloydine Bolon Ik

We are commemorating 3 Solar Years since the last Birthday and Ascension of our dearest Lloydine Bolon Ik, White Solar Wind, Co-founder of Planet Art Network and the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Peace Movement, Co-author of Dreamspell: the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.

Lloydine Bolon Ik was born on the 15th of May, 1943, Kin 22, White Solar Wind day and also 9 Kab’an (Solar Earth) in the Long Count Sacred Tzolkin (Traditional). She Ascended the next day after her 71st birthday on the 16th of May 2014, Electric Mirror, Kin 198. In this way, her Alpha and Omega points (Birth & Death) are interlinked as an Infinite Loop of Timelessness every 15th and 16th of May.

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Palenque Creation Myth: Lady Cormorant and the Birth of the Triad

The Primordial Mother and the Sacred Trinity of Lakamha (Palenque)
Via Leonide Martin


Cormorant Goddess from Dresden Codex

The ancient Maya city Palenque (Lakam Ha) had a unique creation myth that linked the origins of their ruling dynasty to primordial goddesses and gods.

All the Maya regions in southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras shared a common creation myth about the Hero Twins and how they outsmarted the Death Lords of Xibalba and resurrected their father, securing life on earth for their people. This legend is recorded in the Popol Vuh, an 18th century copy of the original codex rendition that has been lost. Palenque’s unique myth incorporates deities widely known in their region, but nowhere else honored in the same way. The Triad deities were the patron gods of ancient Lakam Ha, bringing the blessings of abundance and prosperity when properly attended and worshiped. The ruling dynasty was believed to be descended from these gods and their mother, Lady Cormorant (Muwaan Mat…

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Galactic Feminine: A Multidimensional Maya Revelation

A fascinating revelation of the Sacred Feminine lineage of Palenque embedded in the Tzolkin wisdom (Classic Maya and Galactic Maya). A multidimensional holographic vision of the feminine archetype of Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw, Queen of Palenque and wife of Pakal the Great. Part of the 19 Matrix Theory by Gar Magusa (Kin 34).

Here is knowledge. Once you have heard this knowledge, you have a choice. What choice will you make? In part one of this series, I unveiled the crystal codes that link the initial public release of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, to the completion of the 80 Calendar Round Ancient Future prophecy of Pakal Votan, demonstrating a telepathic […]

via The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 5, The Initiation — G8IX

Galactic Feminine: Welcome / Bienvenida

A Universal Revelation of the Sacred Feminine Balance, inspired by the Galactic Maya Cosmology and the Ancient Prophecies of the Second Creation of Earth.

Welcoming you to this blog with this beautiful representation of Ixchel, or Ix Chel, the aged Jaguar Goddess of Midwifery and Medicine in Ancient Maya culture. She was the spouse of the main God, Itzamna, and she also gave birth to 13 sons, two of whom created Heaven and Earth and all that belongs to it, the Howler Monkey Gods.

Una Revelación Universal del Balance Femenino Sagrado, inspirada por la Cosmología Maya Galáctica y las Profecías Ancestrales de la Segunda Creación de la Tierra.

Te damos la bienvenida a nuestro blog con esta hermosa representación de Ixchel, o Ix Chel, la Diosa Jaguar de los Partos y la Medicina en la cultura ancestral Maya. Ella fue la esposa del dios principal, Itzamna, y también dió a luz a 13 hijos, dos de los cuales crearon el Cielo y la Tierra y todo lo que le pertenece.

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