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Galactic Feminine: Universal Wisdom from the Tz’akbu Ajaw Archetype, formerly “Red Queen”

It has been 23 years today since the opening of the tomb of the mysterious Maya Queen of Palenque. Without a doubt, this finding constitutes one of the most relevant events for gender studies and the change of Maya Era in 2012. From a multidimensional archetypal perspective, it also initiated a portal of Universal Ancient Wisdom towards a New Humanity. This is because the Feminine Balance (not supremacy) allows us to transcend the old patriarchal paradigms. Here, some insights about our upcoming publication, Galactic Feminine, to be presented through Magikana Publishing UK in 2020.
Translated into English from this article originally written in Spanish.

Between the months of May and June 2017, it has been 23 years since the process of discovering and the opening of the royal feminine tomb of Lakamha’ (“Great Waters”, Palenque). The uncovering, which happened in the year 1994, unveiled the first tomb of a female ruler who was found within a pyramid in the Americas; as well as the second tomb of its type after the one of King Pakal the Great, which finding happened in 1952 at the called by then “Temple of Inscriptions”.

So far, the queen had rested for over 1300 years in the Temple XIII, alongside the funerary temple of her husband, the same King Pakal. Their temples of honour were located at the main square of the Ancient Maya City of Lakamha’. Both, the proximity and similarity between the two tombs, reflect an equal recognition and tribute for them who were Maya rulers during the Classic period. Thus, the outstanding discovery of the queen consort widely contributes to the Universal Myth of the Goddess and the gender equality which humanity likely experienced during the period of transition from the matriarchal societies towards the patriarchal societies.

Within the context of the New Age, there have been interpretations of all kinds, as well as speculations and fantasy stories around this finding. Some of them even show personal appropriations of the queen archetype in order to sustain old paradigms, such as narcissism, machiavellianism and personality cult. There is also ignorance regarding the dates around the discovery, failing to provide feasible interpretations regarding the Tzolkin days and numerology associated to the discovery. And probably, as it is shown in this essay, one of the most common mistakes has been to consider the temporary nickname of “Red Queen” as a real Maya archetype of Palenque.

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